K.L.N. Health Care Centre has 1 Full Time Medical Officer -Dr.V.Shyam Sundar & a Qualified Nurse,a Pharamacist. The dispensary works on all working days, treatment is done to all types of ailments and emergency cases are attended and first-aid is given and then referred to higher center as per the need for further treatment. The dispensary is used by students, staff and subordinate staffs.

A Separate clinical examination cum injection room is available.

  • Ambulance facility is available round the clock for emergency case transport.
  • Patient records and Pharmacy records maintained.
Joining Hands with NSS
  • Medical checkup for I Year students on admission.
  • Medical camps are conducted in near by villages.
  • Students Blood donation camps are conducted.
Routine advice to students about personal hygine and general health is given.

There is a full time Psychologist and counselor Mrs. Asha to whom students with psychological problems are sent for counceling.

Best Medical Service is given free of cost by KLNCIT Management.

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