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Information Technology Support Group

About ITSG

ITSG (Information Technology Support Group)is an in-house Technical Support Team for both Hardware and Software, which provides integrated IT-related services to College.
We have established an extensive backbone Network with Optic Fiber Cable for our whole campus. Our college web server operates in our campus itself and a separate database server is put into service for storing the staff and students data. The servers work round the clock (24x7).
We provide email ID’s for all our students and staff in our domain itself. We have provided an individual user in our website for all the Staff Members to view and update their profiles, a separate  Student Login for viewing there Attendance, University Marks, Online Appraisals, Online Aptitude,Previous Year Question Banks, Course Plan,Library Book Lending Status and their address for communications, a Parent Login for viewing their wards Educational Grade.

Major Activitiesundertaken by ITSG:

    1. Purchase of IT Related Equipments (Server, Computer, UPS, Printers, CCTV, LCD Projector, etc.) for the college.
    2. Installation of New Equipments, Maintenance of Existing Equipments.
    3. Designing, Implementing for Department and Campus Networking.
    4. Maintaining College campus Networking, Firewall, Bandwidth restriction.
    5. Designing and Maintaining Surveillance Cameras inside the Campus.
    6. College Automation Software Maintenance and Modifications as per the user needs.
    7. Designing and hosting our college website.
    8. Creating and Maintaining CollegeEmail ID's for both staff and students.
    9. Registering and Maintaining Bio-Metric attendance for staff.
    10. Sending SMS to the Staff, Student and Parents.
    11. Regular Backups for the following: Automation, Biometric andWebsite Database.
    12. Purchase of New Software and Renewal of existing Software.
    13. Supporting in the conduct of Online Examinations.
    14. Conducting Training programsfor both staff and Student's.
    15. Conducting additional Certificate Courseslike IBM-WSAD, Tivoli, DB2,RAD, Lotus, EMC2, Information storage etc.
    16. Facilitating to sign MoU with leading industries like IBM, BSNL, ORACLE, EMC2, Red hat,TCS,Sify etc.

SMS Services

The attendance or on-duty details of the student are sent to the parent on the next working day through SMS. Internal marks of the students are sent to the parent immediately after the valuation of answer sheets. University marks of the students are sent to the parent immediately after we receive the mark statement from the university. Other important notices, announcements, information will also be sent to the parent/student through SMS as and when need arises.

Campus Networking

We have established an extensive Optic Fiber Network for our whole campus at an estimate of Rs. 8 Lakh. The present campus network basically comprises nearly 1.5 Kms. of Optic Fiber cable backbone with 09 manageable switches. There are nearly 600 computers connected to the network and at any time about 400 of them are connected to the Internet.
Campus networking with fiber has several distinct advantages over non-fiber applications such a :

     (a) Networks can be extended longer distances,
     (b) Larger amounts of data can be sent due to increased bandwidth,
     (c) No environmental disturbances,
     (d) Immunity to EMI/RFI, lightning strikes.

Online Web Applications

Currently, Students/Parents can get the student attendance, internal marks, university marks, library book status, library book search, etc. and the Staff can view their personal details, leave details, library book status, library book search, etc. through our website. We developed online performance appraisal of faculty by students, online examination (which is useful in conducting online examinations for filtering candidates to attend Infosys Campus Connect, IBM Academic Initiative, Hexaware expert and other internal programs) web applications earlier. The following Online Web Applications are newly developed for the benefit of the students/staff:

    1. E-Gate
    2. Order Tracking System
    3. Call Register and Tracking System

Call Register and Tracking System

Call Register and Tracking System is developed for the use of the staff. The staff can log a call for any complaints regarding Hardware, Software, Networking, Web, Biometric and related problems. While logging a call, the user will receive a unique ID for tracking the call. By using this ID, the user can know the status of the call whether the call is viewed / pending / completed. The Administrator will assign the calls to the concerned Executives and the Executives will attend the call and close the call after giving proper details regarding the problem, what steps have been taken to rectify the problem, the service report number, etc. in the column provided. The Administrator can view various reports like the number of calls viewed, pending, completed and Executive-wise reports (i.e. number of calls completed by an Executive), and more.

Wi-Fi Zones

To provide convenient connection of notebook computers to the campus network and to facilitate internet connectivity, both wireless LAN access points and fixed network outlets have been installed at different areas on campus including the Central Library, Conference Halls, Canteens and Hostel. The adoption of the WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) Protocol, data communication over the wireless LAN is highly secure. With a notebook computer with wireless capability, the students/staff may get convenient access to the campus network at locations with wireless access points established. The Wireless LAN will also facilitate departments and student organizations in holding exhibitions, presentations and any other functions which require network access in the open areas.

Internet Connectivity:

We have a 1:1 Leased Line 32 Mbps connection from BSNL and 55 Mbps connection from Railtel who have given Internet connectivity through Fiber Optic Cable.

Automation Package

In tune with modern office and administrative practice, KLNCIT has introduced Automation employing the package Education 2001. Using this software, since January 2003, the College has been managing all sections of our college administration by Management Information System. The package comprises a dozen modules:






Hostel & Mess


General purchase



Training & Placement


Each Module has its own Master entries and Transaction entries. For example, in Student section, first we enter all the student details like fees structure, subjects, attendance, fine, marks, etc. Likewise, in transaction entries, in staff module, for example we enter corresponding transactions like salary fixation, promotion, loans, leaves, pay bills etc. All these entries for a month can be accomplished within two hours.

Report generation is one of the most advantageous aspects of this software. The Student Section deals with nominal roll, examination hall tickets, bonafidecertificate, TC, internal mark list, letters to parents, result analysis etc. Under library section details such as borrowal and return of books, fine, journal receipts and the corresponding reports can be generated. Under Accounts, statements like fund flow, trial balance, income & expenditure, balance sheet and the corresponding reports can easily be generated in a few minutes. For Labs, we get the latest stock positions and stock transaction reports. Hostel report menu generates lists of inmates, their leave, attendance, details of mess bill and related transactions. Under transport section, vehicle and transport staff details like bus arrival, entry, trip sheet and monthly report (daily and yearly expenses for all vehicles), etc. can be generated.

The advantages of Automation include:

    1. Ability to access and process vital data within seconds.
    2. Minimizing paper work.
    3. Getting updated information immediately.
    4. Avoiding delay in processing.
    5. Generating maximum efficiency in the College administration.


    1. More profitable use of valuable in-house IT talent.
    2. Reduced IT overhead.
    3. Improved IT performance and reliability.
    4. Access to different skills and technology as needed.
    5. Accelerated development and time-to-market cycles.
    6. Reduced risk of unscheduled downtime.
    7. Smoother, lower cost technology migration.
    8. Contingency and continuity capabilities.
Staff Details
Staff Name Mr.D.R.Premkumar
Qualification D.EEE., B.C.A.
Designation System Administrator
Ph.No. 98421-25731
Email ID premkumar.dr@klncit.edu.in
Staff Name Mrs.R.B.Sudha
Qualification MBA(Systems)., MCA
Designation Lab Instructor
Ph.No. ---
Email ID gmsudhamanikandan@gmail.com
Staff Name Ms.A.Geetha
Qualification B.Com
Designation HelpDesk Support Executive
Ph.No. ---
Email ID abiramithenmozhali06@gmail.com
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